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Discover scuba diving

3900 bahts
Tax* : 400 bahts

2 dives

Two dives on a morning to discover the underwater life of Koh Phi Phi


Open water

14900 bahts
Tax* : 600 bahts

4 dives

Three large half day including four dives to become a certified diver



11900 bahts (or 12900 bahts)
Tax* : 800 bahts

5 dives (or 6)

Two or three mornings to work direction and reach the depth of 30 meters


Diving explorations

2900 bahts
Tax* : 400 bahts

2 dives

A morning for certified divers


* The dive spots at koh phi phi are part of hat nopparath national park thara mu koh phi phi.
you will need to pay a national park tax directly to the park rangers located on the harbor on the morning of your dive